This past Saturday a Navy Seal helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. Among the brave men in that helicopter was my friend Spencer Duncan.

I found out late Saturday night ((like 1 am)) that he was killed and ever since then I’ve been struggling with waves of emotions. Sometimes I feel really strong and confident Spence is resting with the Lord and other times I am filled with sadness and grief and cry like there’s no tomorrow.

A sweet friend of mine reassured me tonight that even Jesus cried with Lazarus died. I’m thankful any feeling I have, Jesus has had it. Any pain I feel, he has felt.

When my heart breaks, so does God’s.

I will forever be thankful for Spencer and how the Lord has used his life and death to teach me about Himself. God’s light shines brighter than any darkness so let His name be glorified through this situation.

[[pray for the families and friends of the other victims and that they would draw near to the Living God in this time of distress]]

I love you, Spencer. And every moment I spent with you was just a little too short. You’ll always be in my heart and I can’t wait to someday sing the Lord’s praises with you in paradise.

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