This past Saturday a Navy Seal helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. Among the brave men in that helicopter was my friend Spencer Duncan.

I found out late Saturday night ((like 1 am)) that he was killed and ever since then I’ve been struggling with waves of emotions. Sometimes I feel really strong and confident Spence is resting with the Lord and other times I am filled with sadness and grief and cry like there’s no tomorrow.

A sweet friend of mine reassured me tonight that even Jesus cried with Lazarus died. I’m thankful any feeling I have, Jesus has had it. Any pain I feel, he has felt.

When my heart breaks, so does God’s.

I will forever be thankful for Spencer and how the Lord has used his life and death to teach me about Himself. God’s light shines brighter than any darkness so let His name be glorified through this situation.

[[pray for the families and friends of the other victims and that they would draw near to the Living God in this time of distress]]

I love you, Spencer. And every moment I spent with you was just a little too short. You’ll always be in my heart and I can’t wait to someday sing the Lord’s praises with you in paradise.


I am a terrible, terrible blogger.

I am back in America after being in Romania, Hungary, and Serbia for a week.
One week out of the SIX I was supposed to be there.
I am so confident that the Lord has called me to be back home for the time being. I’m not sure why I felt like He was calling me over there or why things would work out so perfectly? Why I would find a plane ticket I could afford?…basically I just don’t know about any of it but I went and I’m back and I’ve never felt so relieved and calm at the same time.

This whole year I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Old Testament…
»parts of Isaiah
and God made promises to all of the men and women in those books. Promises which were, by the way, fulfilled.
…..all of them

"Not ONE single promise that the Lord made to the house of Israel was broken; every one was fulfilled" Joshua one fortyfive

And the beautiful thing is, the Lord has made me promises too. Right now I’m trying to read through His Word and discover those promises and ask Him specifically, in prayer, what other promises He has made to me.

Promise numero uno: He will fight for me  [[Exodus fourteen fourteen]]
     I am completely in love with this.

…..Another thing to go along with that is I want to write down every time I read “do not fear” or “do not be afraid”. Rumor has it it’s the most said phrase in the beautiful book and another little birdy told me it’s in there 365 times!
But I want to find them. ALL. So that I can read it and pray it and believe it. Truly, truly trust my Savior and not be afraid.

{Exodus fourteen thirteen “Fear not! Stand your ground, and you will see the victory the Lord will win for you today.”}
{{Nehemiah four eight “Have no fear of them! Keep in mind the Lord, who is great and to be feared…”



I’ve been learning a lot about the Lord lately.

      learning about His promises.
      learning about Old Testament times and laws and such.
      learning that my faith looks nothing like the faith of Abraham or Paul.

Chuck Smith wrote this sweet, sweet book called “Faith” and my Savior has been revealing to me (through reading this) how he wants to grow my faith.

I leave for Romania in 20 hours.
This would seem like the best time to allow my Creator to grow my faith and teach me how to truly trust in Him.

I’m not sure when exactly it happened, but I was getting so caught up in learning I was forgetting how to live what I learned. I forgot how to really pray, how to take what I know and serve God through it. I forgot that being a Christian is more than knowing, it’s believing and doing.

I am humbled that the Lord would call me back to Him. Whenever I wander, He brings me back to Himself.

I have a lot of thoughts and doubts and fears about leaving…but I also know this will be the perfect time for me to fully rely on God and Him alone.

So, something I want to learn and truly have faith in….the promises God has made to me for my life. What they are, and how completely believing in them will help me glorify His name.

I have a feeling the next 20 hours are going to be a little hectic and overwhelming, but it’ll bring something sweet.


New man in town, Job

So I’m falling in love with the Old Testament.
    the faithfulness of the people
    the creation story
    the promises God makes to His people

All of it, I just love it!

And for the past several months I have been going through some different books and say things like, “Jeremiah was a stud” and “Joshua’s faith is freaking sweet”

now I’m reading Job and homeboy is rocking my world. I’m learning a thing or two from him and how my life needs to mirror his.

[[side note: Job is the only book I’ve read so far where God and Satan talk to one another. I’m comforted by the fact that the enemy has to go to God before he can touch us, because we belong to Him. I love that God controls EVERYTHING.]]

So, Job, thanks for teaching this girl what true faith looks like. :)

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